Rassvet 5 Second Delivery

The collection features a graphic collage lifted from the team’s scribbled research for new logos, reworked and re-appropriated as an all over print seen on multiple pieces. It also stays true to Rassvet’s skate roots, offering six decks in a variety of sizes and colour blocked graphics as well as new set of logo t-shirts for OKTYABR, their skate shop which has invigorated Moscow’s youth scene since it opened last summer.

The clothes feature a new label, which reads RASSVET NE ZA GORAMI, which reminds us of their optimistic motto: “The sunrise is not far behind the mountain”.

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Last March, the Rassvet skate team headed to Tenerife for their first big team tour. They travelled through the Spanish Island’s rural cities, filming in spots that had never been skated before. The tour video introduces Cam Sedlik, the newest addition to the team, and first US rider confirming Rassvet’s international ambitions. The video will premiere in Berlin on Friday May 17th.

Rassvet (PACCBET) is a community of likeminded Muscovites bringing a new energy to the fashion, art, skateboarding & music scene in their city. This new generation of creatives work closely together to cultivate various projects with the objective of bringing their vision of modern Russia to the world. The word Rassvet, meaning “sunrise”, illustrates this community’s common desire to highlight a new dawn in Russian youth culture.

The collection will be available Saturday 18th May in-store and online at Dover Street Market London and Singapore.


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